Another troublesome day for Team De Rooy

The fourth stage of the Dakar Rally 2019 again was not a problem-free day for Petronas Team De Rooy Iveco. Gerard de Rooy finished in eleventh at 35 minutes behind stage winner Andrey Karginov, due to a crooked rod and a broken tire. Maurik van den Heuvel finished just before De Rooy as tenth in 32 minutes. He again had to contend with a motor that ran into emergency loop. Federico Villagra, third in the standings at the start of the stage, fell way back due to unknown problems.

Stage 3 a disaster for Team De Rooy

The third stage of the Dakar Rally 2019 ended up to be a disaster for Petronas Team De Rooy Iveco. Only Federico Villagra managed to complete the 331 km between San Juan de Marcona and Arequipa unscathed. The Argentinian finished second and occupied that place in the rankings. Ton van Genugten lost almost an hour, Gerard de Rooy almost one and a half hour and Maurik van den Heuvel even more.

Van Genugten without windshield behind De Rooy

Ton van Genugten quickly had to give up his second position in the second stage of the Dakar Rally. At about 50 km in the 342 km long special stage between Pisco and San Juan de Marcona the hood of the Iveco hit the windshield. Petronas Team De Rooy Iveco teammates Gerard de Rooy and Federico Villagra were able to pass Van Genugten. That gave De Rooy an excellent second place, with Villagra coming in fourth. Van Genugten lost ten minutes and finished fifth. Maurik van den Heuvel made an impressive advance from eighteenth to eight.

Excellent Dakar start for Team De Rooy in 2, 3 and 4

Ton van Genugten had the intention to start calmly at the Dakar Rally 2019. In ‘tactical mode’ he would tackle the first special of 84 km, in the dunes around Pisco. But even before the start the tactic was adjusted in consultation with mechanic Bernard der Kinderen and navigator Peter Willemsen. It brought Van Genugten to second, just 18 seconds behind stage winner Eduard Nikolaev. Federico Villagra finished third at 53 seconds, Gerard de Rooy fourth at 1.44. Maurik van den Heuvel drove his Iveco Powerstar over the finish line in eighteenth.

‘Team De Rooy on the podium is the most important’

Of course, Gerard de Rooy came to Peru with the aim of winning the Dakar Rally of 2019. But the twofold Dakar champion is also satisfied when someone else from Petronas Team De Rooy Iveco is on the highest step. “Whether that is Ton van Genugten, Maurik van den Heuvel, Federico Villagra or myself: getting Team De Rooy at the highest possible position at the finish is the most important thing. Everyone needs to help each other.”

The four Iveco Powerstar’s went without any problems through scrutineering in Lima, where the ceremonial podium start of the Dakar is at 15.00 local time (21.00 hours CET) on Sunday, and where the rally really starts on Monday morning. The first trucks will then start at 1.30 pm (6.30 pm) for the opening special stage of 84 km.

Good memories of the dunes

Gerard de Rooy is looking forward to it.

Team De Rooy with four trucks in Dakar Rally

Petronas Team De Rooy Iveco will participate in the Dakar Rally with four trucks. Next to Gerard de Rooy, Federico Villagra and Ton van Genugten, Maurik van den Heuvel will reinforce the team in Peru. All four crews have an Iveco Powerstar available with the goal of winning the 2019 edition of the Dakar.

A few weeks ago it was announced that Gerard de Rooy will return to the strong competition of the Dakar Rally in January, assisted by navigator Moi Torrallardona and mechanic Darek Rodewald. The two-time winner of the Dakar, and winner of the Africa Eco Race 2018, is supported in Peru by what seems to be the strongest Team De Rooy ever.

Argentinian driver Federico Villagra was in the battle for victory last year until the penultimate day and now again aims for the podium.

Ton van Genugten won no less than four stages in 2018 and was the most successful driver in the truck category.

Gerard de Rooy to Dakar Rally 2019 in South America

The decision has been made: Gerard de Rooy will participate in the Dakar 2019 in Peru, where he won the most prestigious rally in the world in 2012.

Although De Rooy was victorious in the Africa Eco Race early this year and enjoyed this rally in his beloved Africa very much, the sporting challenge was not what he expected and hoped for, while the last Dakar Rally in South America was as challenging and competitive as he had so emphatically asked for in previous years. The objective of Team De Rooy and its sponsors is always to participate in the most challenging rallies. As it appears, the Dakar 2019 in Peru fully meets this requirement. Except for 2012 De Rooy also won the Dakar in 2016.

“I would have loved to go to Africa again, because that is where my heart lies, but I have no objections at all against the choice for South America”,

Dakar and/or Africa Race?

Will it be the Africa Eco Race, or the Dakar in Peru or both?
We are finalizing everything, so please be patient, in the coming days we will announce our plans

Team De Rooy will be present at the RTL Pre-Proloog were the team will battle for victory
Our setup will be different that previous years, the hospitality will be modest and will be comparable like we use during a rally

Team De Rooy got a lot of request from our team Sponsors and fans to organize a ride along event.
To experience what it feels like in a Dakar special. therefore we will organize a special event so they can co-drive in a rally truck.
Beginning of next year we will come back to you with more information.

Dramatic thirteenth stage for Team De Rooy Iveco

From heaven to hell. That was the thirteenth stage of the Dakar Rally for Team De Rooy Iveco.

Federico Villagra started the day as a contender for victory in the Dakar, but had to stop the fight because of a broken gearbox. Ton van Genugten, who managed to win the twelfth stage, came without power steering in a special with hundreds of turns. Artur Ardavichus was the only Iveco driver who could speak of a more or less reasonable day.

The chances for Villagra were life-size. He started the penultimate stage of the Dakar on a deficit of just one second on the Russian Eduard Nikolaev. The Argentinian Iveco driver started energetically in the stage in the area where he comes from. But already in the first part of the special it went wrong. It started with a puncture, which the crew could not change quickly,

Win number 3 for Van Genugten, 1 second defeat for Villagra

The 2018 Dakar Rally is incredibly exciting. After just one day Federico Villagra lost the lead in the classification again to Eduard Nikolaev, but after 3.425 kilometres of racing the difference is only one single second. In the twelfth stage of the rally De Rooy Iveco team-mate Ton van Genugten grabbed his third win. But he didn’t get anything for free on his way between Chilecito and San Juan.

The two Iveco’s got off to a great start in the longest stage of the Dakar, with a special stage of 523 kilometres. Van Genugten, who started twelfth, was the sixth truck at the second checkpoint. Villagra at that point had built up a gap of 32 minutes on his rival Nikolaev, who was in trouble. 400 kilometres further though, that lead was evaporated, because Villagra also ran into problems.

“An air hose broke and that caused a number of cables to burn,”