Darek Rodewald close Poland For years Darek has been the mechanic together with Gerard as driver. Now he supports Janus in their extreme adventure in Saudi-Arabia.

He not only manages to keep the rallytruck at topspeed during the rally but also engineers technical improvements to all vehicles in the workshop.

Engineering at its best, all year round!
Married with Children

Hobbies: (re-)building classic motorcycles
Janus van Kasteren Jr. close Netherlands Ever since Janus could drive his family had an arsenal of industrial vehicles at their disposal.

With several Dakar rallies behind him, Janus Jr. got in the IVECO Powerstar
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Hobbies, familie...
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Marcel Snijders close Netherlands With his 13th rally Marcel is a true Dakar veteran.

With a multiple discipline experience riding a bike and navigating in both the car and truck classes he is considered one of the most experienced riders in the field.
Married with Children
Janus van Kasteren Jr. Darek Rodewald Marcel Snijders 505 IVECO Powerstar Evo ...
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