Africa Race and/or Dakar Rally?

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Gerard de Rooy to Dakar Rally 2019 in South America

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The decision has been made: Gerard de Rooy will participate in the Dakar 2019 in Peru, where he won the most prestigious rally in the world in 2012.

Although De Rooy was victorious in the Africa Eco Race early this year and enjoyed this rally in his beloved Africa very much, the sporting challenge was not what he expected and hoped for, while the last Dakar Rally in South America was as challenging and competitive as he had so emphatically asked for in previous years. The objective of Team De Rooy and its sponsors is always to participate in the most challenging rallies. As it appears, the Dakar 2019 in Peru fully meets this requirement. Except for 2012 De Rooy also won the Dakar in 2016.

“I would have loved to go to Africa again, because that is where my heart lies, but I have no objections at all against the choice for South America”,



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