Van Kasteren and Becx with Team De Rooy to Dakar Rally

Janus jr van Kasteren and Michiel Becx participate as new members of Petronas Team De Rooy Iveco in the Dakar Rally 2020. Van Kasteren (32) will aim for a high ranking with the Iveco Powerstar. Becx (44) will fulfill the function of fast assistance with a new Iveco Trakker.

Both Dutchmen already have experience in the Dakar, although they did not reach the finish due to technical problems.

Janus jr
van Kasteren participated with truck in the past two years, but both times fell
short just before the finish. On the other hand, he achieved a number of
impressive top 10 rankings. Previously, he gained extensive experience in the
Morocco Desert Challenge and the Baja Aragon with both a truck and an SSV.

Becx made his debut in the Dakar last January with the Mitjet buggy. With that
car, he won a stage in the Morocco Desert Challenge,

Team De Rooy the only team as one at the finish Dakar 2019

With third place in the final classification for Gerard de Rooy and three stage victories – Ton van Genugten won the finale stage and thus his second one in this event – Petronas Team De Rooy Iveco looks back with a satisfied feeling at the Dakar Rally 2019. “It is not the podium place we hoped for, but it is and remains a podium position,” said Gerard de Rooy.

Frustration prevails at Team De Rooy on the penultimate day

On paper it was the last chance for Gerard de Rooy to change something in the top 3 of the Dakar Rally truck ranking. The leader of Petronas Team De Rooy Iveco therefore in stage 9 opened the attack on both Kamaz drivers in first and second. Due to cooling problems De Rooy had to give up his attack in the final stages of the race. “If something goes wrong, nothing goes to plan anymore”, he said after the 312 km in the Pisco area. “Very frustrating.”

De Rooy reduces the gap, but not enough

In a nerve-racking eighth stage, Gerard de Rooy narrowed his gap in the Dakar Rally standings. Eduard Nikolaev lost control because he was stuck in the dunes for almost an hour. De Rooy, however, also got stuck for fifteen minutes and suffered from a crooked front wheel in the final phase, so Nikolaev could limit the damage to 40 minutes and 54 seconds. The big winner, however, was Kamaz driver Dmitry Sotnikov. He took full advantage, won the stage and took the lead in the standings with 26.49 on Nikolaev and 1.07.43 from De Rooy.

Three Team De Rooy Iveco’s in Super Ica, problems Van den Heuvel solved

With three Iveco’s versus one Kamaz and a Maz, Gerard de Rooy holds favourable cards for the eighth stage of the Dakar Rally. In this so-called Super Ica the top 10 of the bikes, the top 10 of the cars and the top 5 of the trucks of the seventh stage start together ahead of the rest. Thanks to the fourth place of Federico Villagra and the fifth place of Maurik van den Heuvel, stage winner Gerard de Rooy is supported by a strong team.

De Rooy impresses in demanding seventh stage

In the dunes of the seventh stage of the Dakar Rally, Gerard de Rooy has given a knock to the competition. With great superiority, the captain of Petronas Team De Rooy Iveco won the stage. He gained 34 minutes on standings leader Eduard Nikolaev. Iveco team mate Federico Villagra was the third truck at the finish, 43 minutes behind De Rooy.

Confusion about results of Team De Rooy in stage 5

The fifth stage of the Dakar Rally was not a bad day for the four trucks of Petronas Team De Rooy Iveco. All four of them lost a bit of time by trifles, but not the hours that were lost in the previous days. There is still some uncertainty about the results, because the second part of the special was cancelled.

Another troublesome day for Team De Rooy

The fourth stage of the Dakar Rally 2019 again was not a problem-free day for Petronas Team De Rooy Iveco. Gerard de Rooy finished in eleventh at 35 minutes behind stage winner Andrey Karginov, due to a crooked rod and a broken tire. Maurik van den Heuvel finished just before De Rooy as tenth in 32 minutes. He again had to contend with a motor that ran into emergency loop. Federico Villagra, third in the standings at the start of the stage, fell way back due to unknown problems.

Stage 3 a disaster for Team De Rooy

The third stage of the Dakar Rally 2019 ended up to be a disaster for Petronas Team De Rooy Iveco. Only Federico Villagra managed to complete the 331 km between San Juan de Marcona and Arequipa unscathed. The Argentinian finished second and occupied that place in the rankings. Ton van Genugten lost almost an hour, Gerard de Rooy almost one and a half hour and Maurik van den Heuvel even more.