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Team De Rooy with four trucks in Dakar Rally

Petronas Team De Rooy Iveco will participate in the Dakar Rally with four trucks. Next to Gerard de Rooy, Federico Villagra and Ton van Genugten, Maurik van den Heuvel will reinforce the team in Peru. All four crews have an Iveco Powerstar available with the goal of winning the 2019 edition of the Dakar.

A few weeks ago it was announced that Gerard de Rooy will return to the strong competition of the Dakar Rally in January, assisted by navigator Moi Torrallardona and mechanic Darek Rodewald. The two-time winner of the Dakar, and winner of the Africa Eco Race 2018, is supported in Peru by what seems to be the strongest Team De Rooy ever.

Argentinian driver Federico Villagra was in the battle for victory last year until the penultimate day and now again aims for the podium.

Ton van Genugten won no less than four stages in 2018 and was the most successful driver in the truck category.

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Gerard de Rooy to Dakar Rally 2019 in South America

The decision has been made: Gerard de Rooy will participate in the Dakar 2019 in Peru, where he won the most prestigious rally in the world in 2012.

Although De Rooy was victorious in the Africa Eco Race early this year and enjoyed this rally in his beloved Africa very much, the sporting challenge was not what he expected and hoped for, while the last Dakar Rally in South America was as challenging and competitive as he had so emphatically asked for in previous years. The objective of Team De Rooy and its sponsors is always to participate in the most challenging rallies. As it appears, the Dakar 2019 in Peru fully meets this requirement. Except for 2012 De Rooy also won the Dakar in 2016.

“I would have loved to go to Africa again, because that is where my heart lies, but I have no objections at all against the choice for South America”,

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Dakar and/or Africa Race?

Will it be the Africa Eco Race, or the Dakar in Peru or both?
We are finalizing everything, so please be patient, in the coming days we will announce our plans

Team De Rooy will be present at the RTL Pre-Proloog were the team will battle for victory
Our setup will be different that previous years, the hospitality will be modest and will be comparable like we use during a rally

Team De Rooy got a lot of request from our team Sponsors and fans to organize a ride along event.
To experience what it feels like in a Dakar special. therefore we will organize a special event so they can co-drive in a rally truck.
Beginning of next year we will come back to you with more information.

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Dramatic thirteenth stage for Team De Rooy Iveco

From heaven to hell. That was the thirteenth stage of the Dakar Rally for Team De Rooy Iveco.

Federico Villagra started the day as a contender for victory in the Dakar, but had to stop the fight because of a broken gearbox. Ton van Genugten, who managed to win the twelfth stage, came without power steering in a special with hundreds of turns. Artur Ardavichus was the only Iveco driver who could speak of a more or less reasonable day.

The chances for Villagra were life-size. He started the penultimate stage of the Dakar on a deficit of just one second on the Russian Eduard Nikolaev. The Argentinian Iveco driver started energetically in the stage in the area where he comes from. But already in the first part of the special it went wrong. It started with a puncture, which the crew could not change quickly,

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Win number 3 for Van Genugten, 1 second defeat for Villagra

The 2018 Dakar Rally is incredibly exciting. After just one day Federico Villagra lost the lead in the classification again to Eduard Nikolaev, but after 3.425 kilometres of racing the difference is only one single second. In the twelfth stage of the rally De Rooy Iveco team-mate Ton van Genugten grabbed his third win. But he didn’t get anything for free on his way between Chilecito and San Juan.

The two Iveco’s got off to a great start in the longest stage of the Dakar, with a special stage of 523 kilometres. Van Genugten, who started twelfth, was the sixth truck at the second checkpoint. Villagra at that point had built up a gap of 32 minutes on his rival Nikolaev, who was in trouble. 400 kilometres further though, that lead was evaporated, because Villagra also ran into problems.

“An air hose broke and that caused a number of cables to burn,”

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Villagra seizes the lead, Van Genugten loses two hours

Not completely undamaged the Team De Rooy Iveco’s reached the finish of the Super Fiambalá Special of the Dakar 2018. But the result was nonetheless: Federico Villagra took the lead in the rankings. Due to a penalty for a broken strap in stage 10, which was calculated today, the margin of the Argentinian is only small: 1.07. “But that does not matter: the lead is the lead”, Villagra thought.

For a long time it seemed that ‘Coyote’ was going to win the eleventh stage, in the dunes of Fiambalá, but at the last moment MAZ driver Siarhei Viazovich stuck out. Still, the ride was more than enough to turn a 24-minute arrear on Eduard Nikolaev into a 16-minute lead. Later on in the evening, the penalty was taken from that.

The equally famous and notorious Fiambalá stage was rightly labeled as the Super Special. The classification was completely turned upside down.

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Van Genugten didn’t want to win, Villagra is getting closer

Team De Rooy Iveco did good business in the tenth stage of the Dakar Rally. Ton van Genugten recorded his second stage victory and climbed to fourth in the standings. Federico Villagra came in second, at just 33 seconds behind and cut half of arrears in the standings. “Actually I did not want to win today”, the Dutchman said, “but I saw the Kamaz’ standing still and thought ‘I have to go for it’. I can use every minute.”

A lot happened in the 373 kilometres special stage between Salta and Belén. Motorcyclists lost their way, cars broke down and there were also major shifts in the trucks class. Early in the stage, Van Genugten, who started sixth, saw two Kamaz trucks with punctures. And a moment later also the third. “I have been very carefully driving between the stones in order not to get a puncture. But then I put the gas on it.

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Gerard de Rooy enjoys ‘old skool Dakar’

On the beach at the Lac Rose, near the Senegalese capital Dakar, Gerard de Rooy couldn’t resist to make a race out of the 20 km stretch. The end of the Africa Eco Race was short, but spectacular, with all ten remaining trucks together on the beach. At the finish line, De Rooy looked back on what he called ‘old skool Dakar’. “I had a really nice rally.”

It had been eleven years since De Rooy was in Mauretania and Senegal for the last time, but little had changed, he noticed. “It is just as beautiful as the last time.”

He couldn’t win the Africa Eco Race overall – the buggies and the Mini were too fast compared to the trucks – but De Rooy was satisfied after all. “I enjoyed both the beautiful specials and the toughness. That was what it was all about in the first place: having fun again.

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First stage victory for Ton van Genugten


Thursday evening, the night before the rest day, Ton van Genugten expressed the wish that he would finally win a stage this week. At the first best opportunity, the seventh stage of the Dakar Rally, his wish came true. Van Genugten won the stage, De Rooy Iveco teammate Federico Villagra finished second in 2 minutes.

On the way in the for the trucks 369 kilometer long stage from La Paz to Uyuni, Van Genugten did not notice that he was winning. “I started three minutes behind Martin Kolomy and half-way I had him in sight, so I closed the gap. I knew I only had Villagra in front of me, but I did not know what happened behind me. I was hoping for a one-two, but I was too enthusiastic about that last week, so I’m a bit cautious about that.”

Van Genugten was well prepared on predominantly fast but muddy rally paths.

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Another too fast stage for Gerard de Rooy

The last stage of the Africa Eco Race in Mauritania again was one that was too fast for Gerard de Rooy. He pushed the Petronas Team De Rooy Iveco to the limits, but could not beat the cars and buggies that reached speeds of up to 180 kilometres. At the finish of the 219 kilometre selective section, he scored the sixth fastest time.

The eleventh stage of the Africa Eco Race started early and was not too long, as the participants today cross the border with Senegal. There is the final stage tomorrow, a ride of 20 kilometres on the beach at Lac Rose. If De Rooy still wanted to change something in the rankings, then it had to happen today, but the terrain was again not in his favor.

“There was no time to make up for today,” concluded De Rooy at the finish. “The mix of sand and speed still runs too much in favor of speed.